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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Zoo's First Round of Contest Winnings

Since the beginning of December (less a bunch of time in Mexico), I've been spending some spare time entering contests. My goal is to win a Kindle Fire or iPad so that Ed won't think that I'm totally wasting my time and so that I can actually read all the ebooks that I've won. What I'll do after I win one (I like to think positively) is anyone's guess. I'm fickle like that. My poor kids.

Speaking of winning, I've been doing just that.

Most of the items I haven't yet received (they’re at Poppa’s house), however, a couple have. So, I thought that I'd give some free advertising to the suppliers in exchange for their generosity.

1. Five Photographic Greeting Cards from Mister G and Me Etsy Shop. I won't tell you which ones I got (I don't want to spoil it for those of you that will receive them) but they are really beautiful and original pieces of work. Ashley is quite the photographer. She also included shipping to Canada as part of my prize.

In case you're unaware, Etsy is the latest way for people to share their handmade goods (kind of like eBay).

2. T-shirt from Orangeheat. It is Made in the USA (second best only to being Made in Canada, smile), good quality and absolutely adorable. I can’t wait for Max to wear it. Check out the blog this summer for pictures. Like Ashley, Sean also included (free) shipping to Canada.

The added bonus of entering and winning contests is that you get a chance to meet other people, if only briefly. It turns out that Sean was born and raised in Montreal.

3. Super Story Starters from Spark Imagination Cards. This is a Canadian company, and the cards came with a nice handwritten note. It turns out that Tamara lived for a decade just around the corner from us (she's now living out in BC). The cards are for ages 3+ but they've got me thinking about ways that I can get the kids talking (even) more.

So there you have it. Three generous people, three great prizes, three thank yous.

What Have You Won Recently?

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Back From Mexico: Another Tortuous Transition?

Remember Act One, Scene One of that comedy? Well, here's Act Two, Scene One...

After making it home safely, the kids decide to climb out of their cribs. So, the kids "helped" Ed convert their cribs into "Big Kid Beds". They couldn't wait to get to bed (there's a second, first time for everything).

I'm feeling a bit verklempt.

Or, I was.

It's now been three hours since we tried to put them to bed. I'm sure I'll be feeling even less sad in the morning when I see all the "renovations" they've made.

Warning: Picture overload unless you're a Grandparent

I'm a Big Kid Now!

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